There are three main groups of tanning:

 hungarian tanned

The Hungarian Dressing or Tawing

of skins is preferably used for decoration purposes, as it produces a very clear and white wool / hair structure. The tanned skins are very pleasing to the touch and have a good flexibility.

In the Hungarian tanning specialtawing agents are used.


medicinal tanned sheepskin

The Medicinal Tanning

produces a very good softness and a yellowish colour.
These skins are more suitable for daily home use as they a quite suitable for washing and have an excellent sweat resistance. Thus one finds these skins, which are fabricated professionally by “Rembert” very often in the medical field – as the name implies – e.g. in hospitals, the sanitary areas and in the small child and baby sector.


vegetabile tanned sheepskin

The Plant Tanning

also under the name of vegetabile tanning is a type of tanning that has become very dear to us, as this is a very interesting procedure.
There a tanning agent is used that is also extracted from bark as well as from the leaves and wood of various plants, as e.g. the tanning agent of the acacia tree (mimosa) or of the chestnut tree. The finished skins have a soft, light brown or caramel coloured leather side and a beige coloured wool side. They are preferably used as baby snuggle skins, decoration skins or as bed underlay for daily restorative sleep. This is a kind of processing that yields purely vegetable tanned products.