We are a leading enterprise in the field of fur tannery/fur refinement. Our tannery is located at Herne, North Rhine/Westphalia, Germany, near the Sauerland and the border of the Netherlands.

As one of few tanneries we dispose of an all-level production in Germany, i.e. from the raw hide to the finished end product.

The tanner profession has become a long family tradition with us and will continue for several generations.

Our tannery as well as the finishing section are in a modern state and dispose of the highest technical know-how, as our production is based on the advanced professional knowledge and skill of our master tanners and leather technicians.

On the one hand, our tannery is available for job order finishing, where for the most part sheep and lamb skins are tanned and finished – but of course also for everything the hunter, the shepherd, the breeder brings for tanning or for the raw ware that comes from the different slaughter houses.

On the other hand, for our own requirements and for the fur industry predominantly selected sheep and lamb skins are tanned and processed which have the best suited quality for the market as to wool and leather and which we obtain from slaughter houses as raw skins, e.g. from Australia (sheep country No. 1). The finished skins, which on request are manufactured in the most different colours and tannings, are supplied to the retail and wholesale trade and/or are further processed in our own sewing / clothing section, as e.g. car seat covers for the automobile industry, slippers, gloves, perambulator/baby carriage outfits, bed skins, decoration skins and many more.

In our house there is a sales and exhibition room where the various skins and skin articles in the most different sizes and colours are offered to our private customers.

There everybody can select the perfect skin for her/him and the ideal skin product.